OKI C330 / C530 / C531 / MC361 / MC561 / MC562


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OKI-Okidata C330 / C530 / C531 / MC361 / MC561 / MC562 Compatible Replacement Toner Cartridges

TAGS: Type C17

COLOR: Cyan (44469703), Magenta (44469702), Yellow (44469701), Black (44469801)

YIELD: 3,500 / 5,000 pages (black)     3,000 / 5,000 pages (color)

COMPATIBILITY (3,000-3,500 pages): C330dn, C530dn, C531dn, MC361 MFP, MC561 MFP, MC562w MFP

COMPATIBILITY (5,000 pages): C530dn, C531dn, MC561 MFP, MC562w MFP

QUALITY: Premium, enabling high resolution print-outs

WARRANTY: 100% full lifetime guarantee

SHIPPING: Free of charge, same day or the next business day

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2-Pack (B+B), 2-Pack Jumbo (JB+JB) (not for C330/MC361), 3-Pack (C+M+Y), 3-Pack Jumbo (JC+JM+JY) (not for C330/MC361), 4-Pack (C+M+Y+B), 4-Pack Jumbo (JC+JM+JY+JB) (not for C330/MC361), 5-Pack (C+M+Y+B+B), 5-Pack Jumbo (JC+JM+JY+JB+JB) (not for C330/MC361), Black, Cyan, Jumbo Black (not for C330/MC361), Jumbo Cyan (not for C330/MC361), Jumbo Magenta (not for C330/MC361), Jumbo Yellow (not for C330/MC361), Magenta, Yellow