RCH MP 4500


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Ricoh Type MP 4500 Compatible Replacement Toner Cartridge

TAGS: 840040 / 841346 / 884922 / MP4500 / Type MP 4500/8045e/LD345

COLOR: Black

YIELD: 30,000 pages

COMPATIBILITY: GSA MP4001G, MP5001G & MP3500, MP3500G, MP3500P, MP3500SP, MP3500SPF, MP3500SPi, MP4000, MP4000B, MP4000BADR, MP4000SP, MP4000SPF, MP4001G, MP4001SP, MP4002, MP4002SP, MP4002SP-RM, MP4500, MP4500G, MP4500P, MP4500SP, MP4500SPF, MP4500SPi, MP5000, MP5000B, MP5000BADR, MP5000SP, MP5000SPF, MP5001SP, MP5002, MP5002SP, MP5002SP-RM

QUALITY: Premium, enabling high resolution print-outs

WARRANTY: 1 year hassle-free warranty & 30 day money back guarantee

SHIPPING: Free of charge, same day or the next business day