HP #60 / #60XL


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HP #60 / #60XL Remanufactured Ink Cartridge Replacement

COLOR: Black (#60 / CC640WN), Jumbo Black (#60XL / CC641WN), Tri-Color (#60 / CC643WN), Jumbo Tri-color (#60XL / CC644WN)

YIELD: 200-450 pages (black: 125% higher compared to #60)     165-600 pages (color: 264% higher compared to #60)

COMPATIBILITY: DeskJet D1660, D1663, D2530, D2545, D2560, D2563, D2566, D2568, D2645, D2660, D2663, D2680, F2400, F2420, F2423, F2430, F2480, F2483, F2488, F2492, F2493, F4210, F4213, F4230, F4235, F4240, F4250, F4272, F4273, F4274, F4275, F4280, F4283, F4288, F4292, F4293, F4400, F4435, F4440, F4450, F4480, F4500, F4580 & ENVY e-All-in-One 100-D410A, 100-D410B, 110-D411A, 110-D411B, 111-D411D, 114-D411C, 114-D411C, 120, 121 & PhotoSmart C4600, C4610, C4635, C4640, C4650, C4680, C4683, C4685, C4690, C4700, C4740, C4750, C4780, C4783, C4795, C4799, D110A

QUALITY: Premium, enabling high resolution print-outs

WARRANTY: 100% full lifetime warranty

SHIPPING: Free of charge, same day or the next business day

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Black, Color, 2-Pack (B+C), 3-Pack (B+B+C), 5-Pack (B+B+B+C+C), Jumbo Black, Jumbo Color, 2-Pack Jumbo (JB+JC), 3-Pack Jumbo (JB+JB+JC), 5-Pack Jumbo (JB+JB+JB+JC+JC)